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Kushitic Production is a production company based in the inner metro areas of Melbourne. We are a small but very driven business that aims to provide the best video and photography service that our client needs.  


At Kushitic Production, we produce small to medium-sized projects from pre-production to final productions such as advertisements, short films, and portrait photography.

Growing up I enjoyed watching movies. I remember the day I was doing a film review on "The Matrix" and became so fascinated with what happens behind a camera. I was amazed by the hard work and dedication the film crew exemplified to bring their creative genius to the screen, all to provide a memorable experience for their audience.

I knew my passion and career was within the  Creative industry when I could no longer watch a movie without asking myself, "how did they shoot that scene". I would spend hours watching Behind The Scene's footage to learn the skills so I could one day apply them in my own videos and films.

 I graduated high school in 2012 and 8 years later I have an advanced diploma in Screen & Media and a Bachelors degree in Media & Communication. I have always emphasized gaining industry experience and have been blessed to work across many media platforms. These opportunities have allowed me to network with industry experts and equipped me with the skills and knowledge in the field I am passionate about.


Our goal is to run programs/projects that create an open platform where anyone with an idea can come and produce. A place you feel CONNECTED. A place to EXPRESS yourself. A place to allow you to CREATE something SPECIAL. A place where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals aiming to deliver their own CREATIVE art form.


Kushitic Productions has been a great asset to our organisation and the various projects they have produced for us. Due to our limited knowledge of content production having their expertise to walk us through the process has been a life saviour. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Ubuntu Project Team


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